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Kaiju - Japanese Curry & Asian Inspired Cuisine
Kaiju, a unique take on Asian Inspired Cuisine, provides delicious Asian-inspired dishes made fresh, flavourful and tailored to your taste. Our Specialization includes Japanese Food in Toronto & we are utmost famous with our Japanese Curry as well as popular Asian inspired cuisine that are made fresh to order. Come join us to check out the latest offerings!

What is Japanese Curry?
Japanese Curry is a traditional Japanese food which was introduced to Japan more than a hundred years ago by the British and is now made available in Toronto. Unlike the curries of India, Thailand and other curry-loving countries, Japanese curry is thicker, milder, sweeter and has more of a "gravy-like" consistency. Today, it's one of most popular Japanese foods.



Kaiju Japanese Curry
Our specialized traditional Japanese food, the curry sauce at Kaiju is made from over 14 different ingredients including various spices, fresh fruits, and vegetables. It is slow cooked for up to two days and the result is a deliciously rich, comforting sauce that balances fragrant spices with sweet and savoury flavours.